MobileNOW! Expands in Montgomery County Seventh Year in a Row

12/02/2018 09:30:00PM EST

MobileNOW!, the global technology innovator with the world’s most flexible and user-friendly mobile payment platform for parking, has announced its newest expansions in Montgomery County, Maryland in the Amherst Garage (#45) and Kin Garage (#16).

Montgomery County is the most populous county in Maryland, adjacent to Washington, D.C.

“On behalf of the MobileNOW! team, we are ecstatic to continue growth and expansion in Montgomery County!” said Lee Whittemore, MobileNOW! Vice President of Operations. “We recently celebrated seven years with the County at the annual Taste of Bethesda event. We were honored by the feedback from local patrons with the most common comment that customers love being able to stop their session and pay for time parked only, which is a significant cost savings over time.”

Since 2011, MobileNOW! has delivered mobile payment via the free MobileNOW! app and local IVR. Year over year, MobileNOW! expands into various facilities and parking locations throughout the County with increased adoption and revenue growth.

Whittemore added, “A vast majority of Montgomery County customers are commuters or travelers and use a variety of apps—and we received a great deal of compliments regarding how the MobileNOW! app is particularly easy to use.”

For more information about Montgomery County parking and transportation, visit https://www.montgomerycountymd.gov/dot/.

About MobileNOW!, LLC

MobileNOW! LLC is the global pioneer, innovator and leading provider of mobile phone payment. The customizable MobileNOW! platform, also known as the world’s most flexible and user-friendly mobile payment solution for parking, has expanded into nine countries and is the only mobile payment solution developed by parking professionals with operations experience. MobileNOW! dramatically improves customer experience and client revenues. MobileNOW! enables virtual payment and big data collection options and offers full enforcement, management and reporting capabilities, which tracks driver behavior.

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