• No need to worry about coin availability
  • You can receive a warning text message when parking time is about to expire
  • Extend parking remotely
  • Pay for time parked only (in selected locations)
  • Simple and user friendly
  • View parking transactions online
  • Maintain record of all parking activities

What People Are Saying...

One day I was out at a restaurant in Bethesda and I ended up going back 2 times to feed the meter. That experience made me realize how convenient the ParkNOW system can be and signed up for it. If you think you will be parking for an hour you can set it up for that and if your plans change, you just use your cell phone to add time. No need to run back to your car and try to scrounge up more quarters. Great idea, great system.
R. Geddes
Rockville, MD

Since ParkNow has been available at the Elm St garage in Bethesda, MD I began using the service. I and my fellow co-workers find it to be of incredible value. It is common for us to have to run in and out of the office as we conduct our business, and scrambling for quarters is the last thing we want to do. It is a huge benefit to use my cell phone to pay for the parking and if I need to I can add additional time to my parking from my desk which reduces distractions. We are also very happy to know that we can cancel our parking session if we have an emergency, so we never waste money at the meter! This service is invaluable to me and I recommend it to everyone!"
S. Raphael
Bethesda, MD