How the MobileNOW! System Works

Using MobileNOW! is EASY! To register, simply click on the registration link HERE or call the Help/Registration Desk. Then call the local pay by cell phone number to start your parking session. You can now also use our new text-to-park feature!

To Start Parking

  1. Call the local pay by cell phone number with your cell phone which is listed on the meter sticker or nearby sign.
  2. You will be prompted to enter the meter, space, or zone number.
  3. Next select the amount of time you wish to park.
  4. You will receive voice and text messages confirming the start of your parking session. Note: Time will NOT appear on your meter except in Decatur.
  5. You will be charged a small convenience fee, generally 25-45 cents, for each parking transaction.
  6. In some locations you can call the same number back to terminate your parking session and pay only for actual time parked.

Smartphone Apps

Now use your Android phone, iPhone, other smart phones to access and manage your account and start/stop parking sessions over the phone. To get the app you may:

  1. Download it from an app store by clicking on the icons below (Blackberry coming soon)
  2. Download it from your account home page once you have registered, or
  3. Just use the browser to access our website at www.mobile-now.us and log-in if already a registered user or click on the register button to get your MobileNOW! account established

    **NEW** use your MobileNOW! App to park by QR code in the St. Elmo/Cordell Ave. garage in Bethesda, Fort Lee and Athens. Just scan the code and click on the Start button to start your parking session! Click HERE to watch the video-guide.

Personal Web Account

Web account user name and password:

A personal account will be created for you when you register.

You will receive your user id and password by text message (from (202) 813-1756), or from the MobileNOW! operator if registering by phone, which will allow you to login and access your personal account page at www.mobile-now.us. Here you will provide your personal and credit card data needed for subsequent parking sessions. In most cases your username is simply your cell phone number.

Forgotten password

1) If you forget your password needed to access the web service, simply call (212) 796-5624 with your cell phone. You will hear a voice message confirming that a new pin will be sent to you

2) Or you may also text PARK PIN to (202) 817-2140

3) You will shortly receive a text message with both your user id (phone number) and PIN.

Functions available on the web:

  • Parking history
  • Payments history
  • Start/terminate parking via web (go to your My Phones page)
  • Add new phone number or car to the account
  • Change language selection
  • Replenishment of your mobile parking account