Parking Operators

Parking operators can benefit greatly from introducing MobileNOW! cell phone parking as an alternative payment channel to the existing ones. Cell phone parking can be implemented in a matter of days at almost no cost, and the benefits include:

  • Increased revenues
    • Paying gets easier for drivers
    • Collection becomes fully transparent
    • Areas of paid parking can be quickly expanded
    • Demand-based rates become easily available
  • Lower operating costs
    • Decreased cash handling and fraud
    • Lower maintenance costs
    • Less capital expenditures
  • Real time statistics
  • Greater convenience, which leads to greater customer/voter satisfaction
  • Supports green initiatives and flexible rate models
  • Promotes image of modern innovative city or administration

As a whole, cell phone parking can bring up to 70% improvement to the your net collection. The NOW! Innovations team has been working with cell phone parking since the year 2000, being thus a world pioneer. The key to the success of our mobile parking system is to provide the most convenience for the motorist, while providing efficiency, cost savings, improved revenues and easy enforcement possibilities for any parking organiser, be it municipal organisation or a private company.

The system works with all parking providers joined with us, in any geographical location. Municipal on-street parking, airport parking, private parking garages, municipal garages, hospital parking garages, event parking, entertainment venues and sports facility parking can all be handled in one easy convenient system.

In order to learn more, please contact MobileNOW! by e-mail support@mobile-now.com.