Where We Operate

The MobileNOW! mobile parking system was launched in 2000. It is operational in six countries worldwide.

MobileNOW! was introduced in the U.S. in 2008. It is currently available in the following cities (local pay-by-cell numbers follow):

Akron, OH, call (234) 738-3941
Athens, GA, call (706) 383-7515
Bethesda, MD, call (301) 830-7074
Bethlehem, PA, call (484) 275-0452
Cocoa Beach, FL, call (321) 328-8566
Decatur, GA, call (678) 791-4116
Cranford, NJ, call (908) 718-7848
Fort Lee, NJ, call (201) 815-8982
Hudson, NY, call (518) 304-1151
Madison, WI, call (608) 268-3346
Maplewood, NJ, call (973) 474-2128
Port Jefferson, NY, (631) 482-7125
Silver Spring, MD, call (301) 830-7074
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, call (402) 982-4112
Wheaton, MD, call (301) 830-7074
Wildwood, NJ, call (609) 309-9641

Send an e-mail to: info@mobile-now.us if you wish to be notified when mobile parking becomes available in your city.

The mobile parking zones where MobileNOW! operates are established by the parking authority of the respective municipality, or campus. Once you have registered, you are able to use the system in any location where MobileNOW! is offered.