MobileNOW! Offers Additional Payment Option in California’s Riverside Community College District

08/04/2019 03:23:01PM EDT

Customers Choose Pay-as-You-Go or Mobile Wallet

MobileNOW!, the global technology innovator with the world’s most flexible and user-friendly mobile payment solution for parking, announced this week its new payment option on campus at Riverside Community College District (RCCD).

Since 2014, RCCD students, faculty and visitors have used the free MobileNOW! app or IVR on the campuses comprised of Norco College, Moreno Valley College and Riverside City College.

Now, in addition to the prepaid MobileNOW! mobile wallet offering, customers have the option to choose “pay-as-you-go” parking.

“We are pleased to provide flexible options for parkers on RCCD campuses,” said Lee Whittemore, MobileNOW! Vice President of Operations. “Our customers asked, we listened—we’re always looking for ways to further mobile innovation based on customer input…and payment flexibility is a high priority for RCCD.”

Customers who currently use the MobileNOW! mobile wallet and wish to switch to a Pay-as-You-Go account, can quickly and easily make the switch by contacting Customer Support at support@mobile-now.com.

Whittemore added, “With RCCD being one of the top 25 employers in its county, MobileNOW! is a service that adds value not only to students but to its growing faculty team.”

Whittemore will be available for questions at the upcoming annual National Parking Association (NPA) conference on October 21-24 in Orlando, FL.

For more information about RCCD, visit https://www.rccd.edu.